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Born in 1948 in Zaporizhzhya (Ukraine).
Graduated from the Technical University, worked for some time as a radio engineer.

In 1977 he became interested in painting. He studied with Zaporizhzhya painter Vladimir Korobov.
In 1983–84 he lived in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), visited Vladimir Shinkarev.

In 1984 he returned to Zaporizhzhya, and at the invitation of Gagik Kurginyan worked in his art studio.

He was a staff artist of the art gallery “Promis”, interior painter (painting walls in cafes, restaurants and private apartments).

Victor Repin's paintings are in the collections of Zaporizhzhya Regional Art Museum, “Promis” Gallery and private collectors in Ukraine, Germany, USA and Russia. Reproductions of some paintings were published in the Ukrainian magazine «НАШ» («NASH», in English — “OUR”) № 3/2000.

Since 2004 he lives with his family in Germany, first in Brandenburg an der Havel, where two solo exhibitions have shown some of his paintings:
— 2004 September–October — at the gallery “Space and Art” (reviewed in “Märkische Allgemeine - Brandenburg” on October 13, 2004).
— 2005 January–March — in “Sorat–Hotel”.

Participation in other exhibitions:
— 2005 November–December — exhibition “OFF ART” of Brandenburg artists in the gallery “Brennabor” in Brandenburg.
— 2006 May — “Open Atelier Day” of Brandenburg artists (review in “Märkische Allgemeine - Brandenburg” dated May 6, 2006)
— 2006 November — exhibition “OFF ART” of Brandenburg artists in the gallery “Brennabor”.

From 2005 to 2008 he was a staff artist for a small-circulation magazine “Neue Zeiten” (in English — “New Times”).
Since 2007 Repin's family lives in Potsdam.

— 2009 — Article about the artist in the 1/2009 issue of “Mondial” magazine.
— 2010 September — group exhibition in the City Hall, Potsdam.
— 2012 May — “Open Atelier Day” of state of Brandenburg artists, Potsdam.
— 2014 May — “Open Atelier Day” of state of Brandenburg artists, Potsdam.

The artist is grateful to all the people he loves and who helped, supported and accompanied him on his life's journey (it is impossible to list all of them).